VIETNAM – Vietnam TV to launch show to help farmers

Nguoi Lao Dong
Updated : Mon, March 21, 2011,3:45 PM (GMT+0700)

Vietnam Television and local Latsata Media Joint Stock Company of Lasta Group are jointly planning a TV show titled “Gold Cow Bell” to help poor farmers in countryside.

Unlike other shows offering cash, this show will hand out cattle as prizes for poor farmers.

A 45-minute show will showcase the life of a poor farmer through his story which will be illustrated by actors.

Beside cattle from sponsors, audiences can help poor farmers taking part in the show by donating money. The organizers hope to raise this fund into a national one to attract a wider base.

The show plans to visit 53 communes of 13 provinces in the first year of operation.

It is projected to be aired at 8:30 p.m. on VTV1 every Sunday from May 22.

Information TuoiTreNews


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