AUSTRALIA – Yersiniosis Found On NSW North Coast – May 17, 2011

AUSTRALIA – The Livestock Health and Pest Authority (LHPA) are warning cattle farmers on the New South Wales (NSW) Mid/North Coasts to look out for Yersiniosis, also known as flood mud scours, in their herds after several cases have already been found this season.

Senior veterinarian from the LHPA , Ian Poe, stated that the recent outbreak is likely to be caused by the cool wet winter which has provided perfect conditions for the breeding bacteria, Yersinia pseudotuberculosis. The predicted cool months ahead will also mean more cases are likely to be seen.

The disease, which is treatable with antibiotics if caught early, is a bacterial infection of the intestine. It usually affects cattle over six months of age.

Mr Poe adds: “Some cattle die suddenly with no signs, however it is more common to observe cattle laying down, lethargic, off feed, dehydrated and with a profuse often grey-brown coloured, putrid smelling diarrhoea. Death usually occurs in three to seven days”.

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