INDIA – Goa Dairy Increases Milk Price For Farmers – June 17, 2011

INDIA – Goa Dairy has announced a one rupee (Rs) per litre hike in the prices it pays to dairy farmers in Ponda.

According to the Times of India Goa Dairy has been hiking milk prices slowly since February 21 in order to meet the price rise of milk supplied from neighbouring states.

The cost of milk available to consumers in Goa has risen by Rs 4 since February. However, Goa Dairy did not increase the purchase price of milk that it procures from Goan dairy farmers.

Goa Dairy chairman Madhav Sahakari said that the one-rupee increase in price will be given to cow and buffalo milk suppliers. After taking charge in November 2006, the present board of directors has increased milk prices on six occasions.

Meanwhile, Goa Dairy’s managing director Sadanand Kulkarni said the increase in the purchase price will create an additional burden of Rs 14 lakh per month and Rs 1.64 crore per annum.

Goa Dairy presently sells 71,000 litres of milk per day in the Goan market. Of this, 33,000 litres of milk are supplied by local farmers, while 38,000 litres of milk are procured from neighbouring states. After this resolution, the dairy will pay Rs 21.48 per litre plus Rs 3.33 to Goan dairy farmers. Outstation dairy farmers will be paid 21.90 per litre, Mr Kulkarni said.

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