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GLOBAL – G20: Ministers Agree To Fight Volatility Of Ag Prices – June 24, 2011

GENERAL – At the G20 Farm Ministers meeting, 20 of the most powerful economies in the world have agreed an action plan to fight against the volatility of agricultural prices.

Together, the G20 nations committed to increasing agricultural production through use of improved practices and technologies and a commitment to new and expanded research and development.

“The need for market transparency and consistency with science-based rule-making systems among our nations and the international community is stronger than ever,” said US Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.

“Purposefully then, we support establishing the groundwork for an international agricultural market information system, or AMIS, that if fully supported and utilised, will mitigate volatility and reduce market distorting signals by promoting greater shared understanding of food production and price information.”

“This is a tour de force for the international community,” French Minister of Agriculture, Bruno Le Maire added.

“The consensus reached this week by the Ministers of Agriculture is a historical unity to solve the pressing challenges of hunger and the volatility of food prices,” Secretary Vilsack concluded.

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AUSTRALIA – Australia Suspends All Live Exports To Indonesia – June 08, 2011

AUSTRALIA – The Australian Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has announced today that it will suspend all exports of live cattle to Indonesia, until new safeguards are established for the trade.

Minister Joe Ludwig said he had ordered a complete suspension of all livestock exports to Indonesia for the purposes of slaughter.

It has been eight days since ABC Four Corners published horrifying footage of the treatment of animals going to slaughter in Indonesia. The footage has caused outrage amongst the beef industry, animal welfare groups and the general public.

The suspension will be in place until the Government establishes sufficient safeguards to ensure there is verifiable and transparent supply chain assurance up to and including the point of slaughter for every consignment that leaves Australia.

“A sustainable live cattle export industry must be built on the ability to safeguard the welfare of the animals,” he said.

This decision was made following serious consideration of advice and evidence presented to the government since last Monday.

As I previously announced, an independent reviewer will be appointed to undertake a complete supply chain review of the live export trade for all markets,” Minister Ludwig said.

The independent reviewer will now also inform both the design and application of the new safeguards.

Minister Ludwig said the Indonesian and Australian governments have agreed to work closely together, and with industry, to bring about improvements in practices in abattoirs and to make this important trade sustainable in the longer term.

Whilst animal welfare groups welcome the news, the Cattle Council of Australia is keen to work with the government to resume trade as soon as possible.

“We will seek an urgent meeting with the Minister to develop and implement the type of supply chain assurance he has sought for the trade to recommence,” David Inall, CEO, Cattle Council of Australia said.

The Australian livestock industry has said that it understands the reasons behind the Australian Government’s decision to temporarily suspend the live cattle trade to Indonesia until a controlled system that will assure the welfare of Australian cattle exported to Indonesia has been implemented.

The industry is now working on delivering a “controlled system”. Under the proposed system, the industry has said it will commit to trading with a core group of facilities in Indonesia, which are independently accredited to meet OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) animal welfare standards.

On top of this the plan is for animal welfare officers to be permanently stationed at the accredited processing facilities, but arguably most importantly, the industry hopes to rapidly increase the use of stunning in as many facilities as possible.

Meat and Livestock Association Chairman Don Heatley said the suspension of the trade will most certainly have an impact on cattle producers and communities in the north and this needs to be acknowledged.

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CHINA – Supervision On Raw Milk Tightened – June 07, 2011

CHINA – The Ministry of Agriculture has called for the tightening of the control and assessment of raw milk.

According to the requirements of the Work on Quality and Safety of Dairy Products issued by the General Office of the State Council in September 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) has taken measures to enhance the supervision on quality and safety of dairy products and made significant progress through special programmes on the basis of results from previous programmes.

The programmes for the regulation of raw milk have been expanded over four areas:

    1. All Milk stations involved in the collection of raw milk have, or will, be inspected in strict compliance with the Regulations on Supervision and Administration on Quality and Safety of Dairy Products.
    1. The quality and safety of raw milk has, and will, keep improving. According to the features of raw milk production and transportation, agricultural authorities have established a series of supervision systems, including special monitoring, surprise sampling inspection and sampling inspection by bodies from other places.
    1. Progress has been made in the development of standardised dairy cattle farming. 260 million yuan, from the state, has been allocated as special funds for subsidies on improved breeds to 9.02 million heads of dairy cattle in the country.
  1. Practical results have been achieved in terms of technical trainings for dairy farmers.

MOA will carry out the special programme on raw milk in accordance with the regulations in the next phase.

For more information please see www.english.agri.gov.cn

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